Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP)

The Community Unity Music Education Program, or CUMEP for short, is a multicultural performing arts and human rights education program. Established in 2002, CUMEP is a not-for-profit organization that serves children from all communities, but particularly children from inner-city neighborhoods in Ithaca, NY.

CUMEP aims to provide participating youth with multicultural instruction in music and the arts, for the purpose of supporting their development of positive self-esteem, academic and social skills, self-confidence, self-discipline, and public performance skills. Participants develop a great level of awareness and excitement about college and career opportunities. Housed in the historic Southside Community Center, CUMEP encourages kids from ages 3-18 to engage in their social realities related to human rights through classes in music, drumming, modern band, string instruments, recording music, art, journaling and more.)

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Yen Ospina

Yen Ospina is a Colombian-American self-taught artist and illustrator depicting her own interpretation of folk and art nouveau. Through earth tone colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work challenges viewers to delve beyond aesthetic allure and allow mysticism to guide their interpretation.

Yen Ospina’s work is influenced by years of exposing herself to antique art (such as Gustav Klimt & Alphonse Mucha), furniture, and literature. In addition to creating gallery pieces, Yen is a local muralist and has done live art painting with musicians such as Mosaic Foundation & Big Mean Sound Machine(for live art painting inquiries please email!).

To learn more about Yen and her artwork please visit her website,

Claire Chang

Claire Chang is a master student studying UX/HCI at University of Texas at Austin. She likes to create designs that provide engaging experiences.

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